allows you to give birth to your baby in a peaceful, deeply relaxed atmosphere - free of tightness and insecurity your body can function as designed by nature. During this time you will stay in absolute control, and you will always be aware of what is going on around you.


Your mental preparation is immensely important for the birthing process, in order to

  • strengthen your self-confidence

  • release fears and doubts

  • build up a relationship to your baby and

  • control pain

Fear causes tension. A woman finds herself in an extremely sensitive phase during the birth of her baby. Under negative conditions, through insensitive remarks or unexpected circumstances she can very easily lose her balance.

Tension and insecurity stop the natural ability of the body to open freely and let go- so the birthing muscles start to clench. When even panic comes up, others might have to take over control and interfere in the birthing process.

Confidence creates serenity. By taking away doubts in advance and bringing peace and calm to the situation, the mother can keep control and take an active part in her birthing process instead of giving it up to someone else. When you have visualised and understood the steps in front of your inner eye regularly, you are better prepared and take responsibility for your birth- convinced that it is not only manageable but also controllable.

Through visualisation you can build up a close relationship to your baby by contacting your unborn in deep relaxation so that your trust develops: „We do this together.

Self-hypnosis stops pain. Learning techniques for pain control is a big support for the mother during birth. Scientific research proved that pregnant women who were trained in hypnosis needed less pain relief than other mothers and on average needed two hours less in giving birth.