CD 1

On CD 1 the body will be prepared for birth through positive suggestions and motivated to make physiological changes for an easier birth.

After a short introduction about self-hypnosis the body will be relaxed from head to toe through progressive relaxation.

It is important to be aware of any negative feelings regarding your upcoming birth and value its presence. This will also be mentioned and worked with mentally on CD 1.

On a fantasy journey your birth will be prescripted step by step like it ideally should be so that your body and mind will be programmed in a positive direction in advance.
Full length of CD 1: 45mins

We recommend to listen to CD 1 as early as possible in your pregnancy- once a day, ideally during the same day time and at the same favourite place- and from the 36th week onwards change to CD 2 to give your unconscious mind enough time to get used to the techniques and suggestions.



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