CD 2

With CD 2 you can evoke a deep state of trance through effective and well-known techniques of relaxation so that your birthing process will not only be bearable but also controllable.

In this state you can either „dim“ feelings of pain or put them aside by shifting focus onto other, more pleasant things - both techniques will be used and explained.

In three special chapters you will train how to cope with an upcoming contraction in a positive and conscious way. Positive suggestions will be repeated in the end, so that they should achor deeply in your unconscious mind and be available when you need them.
Full length of CD 2: 66mins


CD 2 is also recommended to be used during birth.

Practice makes perfect.
The more often you listen to the HB-program, the more quickly your body will react with deep and peaceful relaxation, and the easier it is for you to
evoke and enter this state during birth!

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