The CD

The HypnoGeburt-CD contains an easy to learn self-hypnosis training program in German especially for pregnant women who want to prepare for birth.

This very effective therapeutical CD stimulates your mind for birth and is a big support if you do not have the chance to attend a HypnoBirthing® course.

With the help of different practical lessons you will learn to influence your pregnancy positively and actively control the birthing process.



  • Introduction to self-hypnosis and deep relaxation;

  • Explanation of basic principles and methods;

  • General Body-relaxation;

  • How to deal with ambivalent emotions;

  • Visualisation of your birthing process


CD 2

  • Breathing technique and point fixation to achieve a state of deep relaxation;

  • Visualisation of garden walk;

  • How to provoke a feeling of numbness;

  • Working with contractions (this is term they use);

  • Deepening of suggestions;

  • Waking up