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This page is dedicated to our hypnobirthing parents and babies. Pictures and stories have been submitted by the parents who birthed with HypnoBirthing. We would be happy to include yours.

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Jessica Burckhard, NY

"Every pregnant woman should be exposed to a class like this.
I don’t believe many women go into their births thinking that
it can be a great experience if armed with the right tools!"


Susan Lemus, CA

"It was the best class I could take while preparing for my birth. The affirmations, scripts, visual aids (especially the opening blossom picture), CDs with relaxations (especially the Rainbow Relaxation) etc., were ALL so helpful. HypnoBirthing helped get me through my birthing. I am so thankful for everything that I learned. I plan on using it again with my future children as well! Also the instructor was very positive and ALWAYS willing to help when we needed. Thank you Carol for EVERYTHING…you are an inspiration to us all. We both enjoyed the class and am so thankful for your willing to educate and help with our birth!!!



Julie Hall, UK

My labor started early in the morning, and was pretty much unaware of it. When the surges started to get stronger I just used the breathing I learned and focused. At about 7pm I was 7/8 cm, from then got into the pool, kept my focus through what Cath had taught me and breathed my baby out, it didn't hurt hardly at all, it was quite  orgasmic in a word! it felt nice. I caught him and brought him to my chest. I felt amazing, I'd done it, just lying there cuddling my new son, I burst into tears of joy!.

I believe that HypnoBirthing made all the difference to me, Cath was brilliant, and couldn't wait to tell her how well I'd done, so well the Midwife kept telling me I was so quiet!! Now after having this experience I'd love to have another baby using this method, and video this time!!




"I'm actually pregnant and am in Love with your program, so empowering and really affirms what I 'know' somewhere inside me."  


Willyanne Plosky, CT


Just what I wanted.

It was a beautiful birth.  Just what I wanted.  I had had contractions starting around dinner on Saturday night, but they were far apart.  They continued all through the day Sunday, but HypnoBirthing helped me stay calm and just roll with it and they were not too painful. I even made three apple pies, as it was the last weekend the apples were out. I knew the baby would come by Monday morning, so I called my sister to stay overnight to watch my two year old when we went to the hospital.  By the evening my contractions were about 5-7 mins apart, but I wanted to get some rest so I went to bed.  At 2am my water broke, and I did some walking, and then took a long shower. As the contractions got more intense I alerted the doula, and my husband and I went for a walk by the beach. We only made it about halfway down the beach when I realized that the contractions were about 2 mins apart and it was getting very difficult to walk. We rushed back to the house, and called the midwife.  She said to go to the hospital immediately and we had the doula meet us there.

Our doula was very helpful.  She immediately put pressure on my back and helped get me to the delivery room.  I did not have to go to triage (with other moms screaming in pain, and having to sit strapped to a monitor) as I had in my first birth.  I went to a quiet dark room with only my midwife, a nurse, my husband, and the doula. I labored for only about two hours on the ball, in the shower, and just hanging on my husband before it was time to birth.  The midwife told me I had to push hard so I did.  Evan was a big baby and wasn’t coming easily.  But after about 10 minutes he came out with no tearing.  They put him on my stomach, and he immediately peed on me!  But, really, such a beautiful moment and a calm and happy birth.